Automotive Repair And Maintenance

Automotive Repair And Maintenance

There are lots of skilled technicians and advocates for the automotive service sector. I would be hard pressed to match their technical knowledge, but when I read an article on the demise of the 5,000km oil change interval, I felt that I had to respond with my opinion.

While it is true that the new technology causes engines to enter stoichiometric balance sooner and cause less contamination of motor oil in general, the best way to protect engines from premature wear is to change the engine oil every 5,000 to 8000 km or every 6 months.

In my opinion, extended oil change intervals were designed by the manufacturers’ marketing division and engineers were pressured to make it happen. Extended oil change intervals have been advertised and utilized as a tool to sell more vehicles.

I recently had an opportunity to visit a new car dealer when assisting my daughter with the purchase of her first new car. I asked the salesperson about the maintenance requirements of the vehicle. I was told with great enthusiasm that the vehicle computer would tell me when maintenance was needed and the vehicle needed less maintenance than most.

I then walked over to the service department and asked the same question and was shown a service schedule designed by the dealer. The service advisor told me that more frequent maintenance would be recommended if my plan was to keep the vehicle for several years.

Over the last several years I’ve had many conversations with service advisors from new car dealerships who are confused and stressed out over dealing with unrealistic extended oil change intervals.

When you are searching for an Auto Repair Garage always check their recommendation for maintenance for your vehicle. Online reviews will also help you when deciding on which Honda Edmonton service repair facility to choose.

Always ask lots of question and they should be ready and willing to answer you.



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